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Jan 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
with. host: the last caller talked about his concern of the remrgjens of the taliban once the u.s. forces were drawn down in afghanistan. is this something that president karzai is concerned about and did he discuss that with president obama and defense secretary panetta? >> it is a concern for him and karzai now after yesterday is supporting -- this is what is driving the conversation with how many u.s. troops and nato troops should remain post 2014. a lot of talks are saying if we leave no u.s. troops as the white house said was one option this week that is going to let the taliban walk in and take control and erase all of the progress made over the last decade. that's where the debate is going to be is how many troops stay host: you talked about the meetings he had up capitol hill s. there anything congress is looking at to try and move this progress forward? >> i know senator mcconnell met with president karzai and after that he took a delegation to afghanistan. i think congress is going to be weighing in on the debate. in addition to the post 2014 level t more immediate conce
Jan 13, 2013 9:35pm EST
obama and chuck hagel traveling through the middle east. as you hear the words of chuck hagel, she talks about the limits of power that echoed with the present -- what the president said when he was running for the white house in 2008. guest: one of the conditions that president obama and his team came in and said it, there are a lot of demands are roman world and a lot of challenges. america's role is not just to challenge the foes but to be dependable for allies. when americans power is doubte4d, the allies doubt the ability to stand by them. what is the roster of portis that the united states had to focus on, a particular at the time of the global economic crisis when you have the middle east crisis, you had rising problems with north korea. that is what chuck hagel is saying. we do not have a magic wand to be all things to all people. you need to figure out how, given the limitations to have, you can matter and roll from those into the next issues. that is a realistic assessment, of a power that would even on the neo conservative side would also think that the part of the role
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2